Residential Waste Removal

If you live in Bulloch, County,

AllGreen can provide residential subscription services. We will provide you with a new 95-gallon roll-out cart for you to place your bagged household waste. We will service your cart once weekly at the curbside. We no longer provide backdoor services for new customers.

bagged trash

Bagged trash is easier to process

We highly recommend that you tightly bag your waste before placing it in the cart. This will help prevent loose litter from blowing out at the collection point and significantly reduce litter in our communities.

Community Service Contract

If you live in the incorporated limits of the following cities or unincorporated areas, then we already provide your residential service through the local community service contract. In most cases, the city or county bills you either through your monthly water bill or your annual tax bill. Call your local City Hall or County Commission office to find out about the cost of this service. 

Exclusive Cities Services:

Exclusive Counties Services: