Commercial Dumpster Collection

Allgreen’s commercial waste collection and disposal services can handle business waste volume. Commercial services utilize front load dumpster-type containers with lids in four (4), six (6), and eight (8) cubic yard sizes. These containers are meant to handle normal commercial municipal solid waste (MSW) and are not intended for large bulky waste like construction and demolition debris.

Businesses such as restaurants, convenience stores, schools, strip malls, grocery stores, fast-food chains, office complexes, banks, farms, trailer parks, small businesses, etc., can be serviced with these types of containers. Rates will vary depending on location, container size, and frequency of service. Service schedules are customized to meet each customer’s volume needs. Allgreen can provide service from one to six times per week. Some of our exclusive contracted cities have a standard rate billed through your city water bill.

Commercial dumpsters can also be utilized for small temporary volume needs such as cleaning out the garage or an old shelter.

Call our sales representative, Melissa Akins, at (912) 852-5700 for a quote on these types of services.