Transfer Station

One of the major things that sets AllGreen above other solid waste companies is the AllGreen Solid Waste Transfer Station. Most haulers have to rely on publicly or privately owned landfills as their only means of disposal. These landfills have normal operating hours that the hauler must abide by to dump their collection vehicles. When the landfill closes, the haulers collection vehicles cannot get dumped. During holidays, many of the landfills close or reduce their operating hours which can limit a haulers ability to dump their trucks.

In South and middle Georgia, there are a limited number of publicly owned landfills. Some are very small and do not wish to take volumes from outside their own county. Most privately owned landfills in Georgia are owned by large corporations that control disposal in their own markets and limit small private haulers ability to compete. Since AllGreen is the largest hauler in a more rural area of Georgia where the larger corporations don’t provide services, we have been able to establish long term disposal pricing at their landfills for our volumes. This allows AllGreen to provide very competitive and reasonable rates.

What Is A Transfer Station?

Allgreen owns and operates its own State permitted transfer station located at its facility in Bulloch County. The transfer station is essentially a large building with a concrete floor that the Allgreen trucks dump their collected volumes on. The garbage is then loaded into a large 100 cubic yard transfer “tipper” trailer where it’s then hauled over the road to several large private landfills. These transfer trailers can haul up to 26 tons at a time which is much more than a single garbage truck can haul. This transfer station allows the Allgreen trucks a cleaner, faster, safer and much more convenient means of dumping their collection vehicle loads. Allgreen can operate and haul trash long after local landfills have closed. If you are in need of emergency or “after hours” collection and disposal, Allgreen is the only hauler in the area that can handle your needs.