Working for a Greener Tomorrow

When AllGreen Services was started, we came up with a slogan, “Working for a Greener Tomorrow”. Our goal was simple. We wanted to provide environmentally clean solid waste collection and disposal for our customers in South Georgia.  We wanted to leave the world a cleaner and Greener place.

Just recently, during the hard freeze we experienced in mid-March, our companies founder, Will Sullivan, practiced what he preached. You see, at Will’s farm in Candler County Georgia, he has about 150 Satsuma orange trees that he recently planted. His love of orange trees came from our upbringing in Central Florida.  While these type of orange trees can withstand the freeze, the mild winter we had made them bloom early. A hard freeze that we knew was coming would kill all of these fresh blooms. So Will had the foresight and the ingenuity to come up with a way to protect these young trees.

We had just recently taken delivery of about 700 brand-new 95 gallon carts that we use for our residential solid waste collection services. Will began transporting carts by the trailer load to his farm. He then covered each and every orange tree with one of our AllGreen residential trash carts. For two days the temperatures were below 30° but each of these young trees stayed warm and protected.  Two days later we took the carts off the trees and all the blooms were fine. Who would’ve ever thought of the multiple uses of a residential trash cart.

So hopefully we will be enjoying some juicy Satsuma oranges this fall and all to the thanks of a trash cart!