Trash Collection FAQ

Each day we take many interesting phone calls from customers about our company's services, solid waste collection, and trash disposal in general. We thought it would be helpful to provide answers to many of these questions and others that may come up in the future.

Q: What if my trash pickup day is on a holiday? When should I put my cart out?

A: Always put your residential cart out on your collection day, regardless of whether that day is a holiday or not. We run on many holidays such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, July 4th and others. The reason drivers choose to run on those days is because our employees would have to work on a Saturday otherwise, and it affects all other collection days as well. Some area landfills are closed on Saturdays, which may not allow us a place to dump. If you place your cart at curbside on a holiday and it is not collected, then we will be picking it up the following day. “When in doubt, always put the cart out.”

Q: How should I place my cart at the roadside for collection? Is there a certain way?

A: AllGreen utilizes automated side loaders in most of our collection routes. These are one man trucks that are efficient and save on our overall cost to provide services. Automation requires the customer to place the cart at the roadside with the wheels and the handle of the cart facing AWAY from the street. Do not place the cart right beside an obstacle such as a mailbox, light pole, car or other cart. If you have multiple carts, keep them at least three feet apart from each other. Roll the cart away from the street after collection and keep it in a safe place convenient for your use and away from the road. Do not deface the cart in any way with paint or decals.

Q: What time will my garbage be collected on my day of service? When should I put my cart out?

A: The best rule of thumb is to put your cart out the night before your day of collection. If not, then place it at roadside by 5 am on your day. We must start our routes early in order to complete them timely. Your pickup time may vary anytime during that workday. We pride ourselves in being consistent, but there are many variables that could delay the timing of collections, such as flat tires, weather, or other truck or traffic issues. Your garbage is not considered missed unless it has not been collected within 24 hours of your usual time on your normal day of service.

Q: What can I throw away in my trash cart? Is there anything I can't throw away?

A: Residential services are meant for “household garbage” only. Household garbage includes typical items you would place in your inside the house wastebasket such as food waste, paper plates, bathroom items, plastic bottles, paper products, and other general household items.

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DO NOT place items such as construction debris, paint, carpet, sheetrock, boards, hot ashes, furniture, mattresses, lawnmowers, bicycles, or any other large bulky items that will not fit inside the cart. Generally, if it won’t fit in the cart, it is not household trash. Bulky items such as these are not meant to be collected by a compaction vehicle. These materials can cause damage to our trucks. We can offer other types of dumpsters or roll off services for these items.

Q: Can I put yard trash in my residential cart?

A: No. Yard debris is considered an inert material that should be disposed of in an inert landfill. AllGreen does not provide yard debris service in a residential cart.

Q: Should I bag my trash?

A: Yes, you should! Tightly bagging your household trash is one of the best ways to prevent litter! Loose trash, especially light items like paper and packing materials and small grocery bags are very likely to blow out before, during, or after the collection process. While it is not a requirement or law that you bag your waste, it is extremely helpful to our environment, as well as the cleanliness of your yard and neighborhood.

Q: What if one cart is not enough to handle my volume of trash?

A: You can order additional carts by calling our office and paying an additional fee.

Q: Will you pick up the extra trash on the ground around my cart?

A: No. Our drivers are instructed to collect only what is inside of the container. This reduces litter and saves on injuries. Generally, we do not pick up extra items on the ground.

Q: What if I am handicapped or a senior citizen and I am unable to physically roll my trash cart to the roadside?

A: AllGreen can provide special backdoor services for these customers. However, in most communities, a doctor’s note is required to get these services if there is not a physically abled person living in the house that can roll the cart out.

Q: How do I get rid of bulky items that you won’t pick up with my residential service?

A: AllGreen can provide a variety of commercial or bulk waste removal for construction sites or a household simply cleaning out their garage. We provide containers in 12, 15, 20, 30 and 40 cubic yard sizes for construction and or bulk waste removal. Call our office at (912) 852-5700 for pricing on dumpster rentals.

Rent A Dumpster

To eliminate the need for a roll off container, ask about our grapple truck service. The grapple truck can collect your junk or bulky debris without you having to load a container. Simply pile the debris and the grapple truck can come to you.

Q: Where does my trash go?

A: All waste in our area that we service ends up in a landfill. These landfills are environmentally safe, permitted, licensed by the state, and is the prominent means of waste disposal in this area.

Q: Do you offer recycling services? What recycling opportunities are provided in this area?

A: Unfortunately, recycling services are limited in rural areas of Georgia. While recycling should be an important part of our society, the real cost to recycle and develop an effective program makes it a challenge. We do provide some limited recycle services that involve mostly scrap metal and cardboard in certain areas. There are some other more comprehensive programs provided by certain local governments. Call our office to find out what opportunities exist in this area.

Q: How can I dispose of tires?

A: Tire disposal is a costly service. Businesses who provide tire services usually have a disposal fee when you purchase new tires and they are responsible for managing proper tire disposal. You cannot dispose of tires legally by throwing them in a dumpster or residential cart. Some area counties have tire disposal options for residents. Commercial businesses are not allowed to dump tires in their commercial dumpsters.

Q: What is C&D material and how do I get rid of it?

A: C&D stands for construction and demolition material. This is volume as a result of construction sites or remodeling in the home. It would include items such as bricks, mortar, boards, sheetrock, tile, shingles, concrete, carpet, and other items related to these. These items can only be collected with a larger commercial or roll off dumpster service which AllGreen can provide.

Q: What are brown goods and white goods and how do I get rid of them?

A: White goods are appliances such as washing machines, dryers, hot water heaters, toilets and other items related to these. White goods are mostly recyclable and AllGreen can provide roll off dumpsters for these items.

Brown goods are furniture, mattresses, sofas, and other items like these. AllGreen can provide roll off dumpsters for the disposal of these items as well.

Q: How do I dispose of concrete and bricks?

A: Concrete can be recycled if it is kept clean inside the container that is provided by AllGreen. Clean concrete means only concrete in the container, free of any other trash or non-concrete items. Clean concrete can be recycled very economically into reusable forms of gravel for roadbeds and wash out areas. Bricks can also be recycled in the same manner. Bricks and concrete can be mixed together in the same container if they are free from other trash that could contaminate the load. A small amount of dirt can also be mixed with concrete and bricks.

Q: What is asbestos and how do I get rid of it?

A: Asbestos is a term used to refer to six naturally occurring silicate materials. These materials can be released into the atmosphere through abrasion and other processes. Asbestos is a well-known health hazard. These materials were used in the manufacture of houses and buildings prior to approximately 1975. Asbestos was used in sheetrock, tiles, shingles and the glue used in the process of laying these materials.

The proper disposal of asbestos must be handled under strict regulations. AllGreen can haul asbestos materials under these regulations to properly permitted landfills. Asbestos must be properly contained and sealed before disposal in a roll off container.

Q: I see litter everywhere on our roadsides. What can be done about this?

A: Litter is a huge problem in many parts of our country. Litter is result of both intentional and unintentional actions of people. The unintentional actions can be reduced by tightly bagging all your household waste. Pickup trucks carrying trash to a dumpster site often results in litter blowing out of the bed of the truck.

Intentional littering is a crime and should be reported to authorities. We should all take pride in our communities and teach children the importance of not littering. Single use plastics are one of the largest contributors to the litter waste stream.

Q: Since I have limited recycling opportunities in my area, what can I do differently in my life to help the environment?

A: There are many things that we can all do to reduce our waste and help the environment.

  • Start a home compost pile and recycle all your non fatty food waste. You can combine grass clippings, leaves and other small yard debris. Worms will take over the compost and the result can be a rich soil to be reused for plants and flowers. The worms can even be used for fishing or to start another bin. Certain paper products can also be recycled in the bin for the worms to eat.
  • Ask for paper bags at the grocery store instead of the single use plastic bags. Reuse the paper bags for the next trip to the store or use them in your compost bin.
  • Stop placing yard debris at the roadside for collection where that service is offered. Leave grass clippings on your lawn instead of bagging them and placing at the curb. We call this grasscycling. Yard debris has been recycled for millions of years by mother nature.

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