Residential Customers:

“What is my day of service?”

The answer to this depends on where you live. You can always call our office at 912-852-5700 or email service@allgreenservices.net to find out. Here are some specific days for the some of the communities we serve:

Claxton Tuesday & Friday
Hagan Thursday
Reidsville North of Hwy 280 & Tattnall St. (Prison Hwy): Wednesday
South of these streets: Thursday
Glennville Friday
Wadley Thursday
Collins Friday
Twin City Wednesday
Daisy Thursday
Brooklet Wednesday
Oak Park Friday
Stillmore Thursday
Garfield Wednesday

“What time should I put my cart out on my day of collection?”

We start our routes very early so we always recommend you put it out the night before your day of collection. Many customers get used to the time our trucks service them so they don’t put it out until just before that time. NEVER DO THIS. The truck may get their earlier that day and you will be missed.

“What if my day of service falls on a holiday? When will my trash be picked up?”

We do not take many holidays off. The reason is if we do, our employees have to make it up on Saturday. We recommend always putting your cart out on holidays. “When in doubt, put the cart out” and you will never get missed. If for some reason your cart is not collected on that day, simply leave it at the roadside and usually it will be picked up on the following day.

“Do I have to place the cart in a specific manner or location at the roadside?”

Yes. Generally we need the cart within 2-3 feet of the edge of the road with the lid opening towards the street. This means the axle and wheels and cart handle are away from the street. Do not block the mailbox with your cart. The postman will not be happy. Generally we recommend you always place it on the opposite side of your driveway from the mailbox. Do not place the cart beside any obstruction like a fence, another cart, a parked car, light pole, mailbox etc. Do not leave your cart out all week. Roll it to a safe and convenient place beside your house and roll it to curbside the night before your day of collection. Carts left at roadside all week are more likely to get stolen, vandalized or damaged.

“My trash did not get picked up today. What happened?

If your cart was missed at no fault of your own, there could have been a delay due to weather or equipment related problems. Leave the cart at roadside and they will likely get the next day. This happens rarely and we pride ourselves in consistent service. Some rural areas with bad dirt roads can be missed due to inclement weather.

“Do I have to pay for the cart?”

No. The cart remains the property of Allgreen Services. You only pay for the service to have your trash collected.

“What if my carts gets damaged or stolen? Do I have to pay to replace the cart?”

Allgreen will replace the cart from normal wear and tear or if it is stolen at no charge. However, if the customer destroys the cart by their own negligence, like burning it with hot ashes, a replacement fee could be charged.

“Will they pick up extra bags of garbage on the ground beside the cart?”

Generally, No. The service is intended to be a containerized service and we need the trash inside the cart. If one cart is not enough for your needs, we can provide an additional one at an additional fee. At certain times of the year like Christmas or for special customer circumstances, we will provide service of additional trash on the ground.

“Do I have to bag my trash?”

It is not a requirement but highly recommended and appreciated. Tightly bagging your trash greatly reduces litter at the point of collection and at the disposal facility. Loose, unbagged waste can blow out at any time, including while your cart is sitting at the roadside. Bagging also keeps your cart cleaner and reduces animals and critters from wanting to get into your trash. We also recommend rinsing out your cart with soapy water or bleach on occasion to maintain a sanitary condition.