Billing, Payments, & Privacy

You can now make payments online!

PLEASE NOTE:  It is up to YOU to give us the right information to apply payments to your account. Please be sure to have your invoice with you so you can provide helpful information such as invoiced name, phone number, Customer ID, invoice number, billing address, shipping address (where the can is located), etc. The more information you can provide, the better!

If you do not wish to pay online or by mail, and you have previously made a credit card payment or bank draft payment with us, please click here to email to with the following information:  The last 4 digits of the card you used (or Bank name, last 4 digits of the bank account number), the expiration date of the card, the name on the card/account, the amount you wish to pay, your account number/invoice number if known, the name on your garbage bill, and your phone number.  You will be emailed a receipt.

Please do NOT send whole credit card numbers or bank information by email. If you have never made a payment with us, or have not used the credit card or account you wish to use today, please call our office at (912) 852-5700 to make the payment, or print the attached form and fax it completed to 912-852-2030, or mail it to the following:

AllGreen Services
PO Box 1283
Statesboro, GA 30459
ATTN: Paula Munsey, AR.

Our Commitment to You

ALLGREEN Services will safeguard the confidentiality and security of the information we obtain from you. This notice describes our privacy policy as it relates to the collection, protection and disclosure of such information resulting from credit card transactions & ACH information only.

Collection of Information

ALLGREEN Services will collect and use information obtained from credit card & ACH transactions only for business purposes. These business purposes include the payment of all types of services provided by ALLGREEN.

Protecting Your Credit Card & Bank Information

The credit card and bank information provided by you to ALLGREEN Services will be stored in a confidential manner. Our employees may access such information only when there is an appropriate business reason to do so, such as when a refund must be issued back to the credit card. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your information, and our employees are required to follow these privacy standards.

Disclosure of Your Information

ALLGREEN Services does not disclose any nonpublic information (such as credit card number and their expiration dates) about our customers or former customers to anyone, except as required by law. We disclose information only under circumstances where disclosure is required by law. Information may also be disclosed for audit purposes, to regulatory agencies or for other general administrative services. We do not disclose information about you to other entities who may want to sell their products to you.