Industrial Collection

Allgreen’s Industrial waste collection services can handle any type of large volume or large bulk waste type collection and disposal. From new home construction, roofing jobs, demolition jobs, scrap metal recycling, storm debris removal, special wastes such as asbestos or sludge, and many other types of construction and demolition debris or municipal solid waste removal, can be handled with twenty, (20), thirty (30) and forty (40) cubic yard open top containers.   These containers can be utilized for temporary or permanent use. Rates can vary depending on customer location, container size, type of volume, and frequency of collection, and will usually include a delivery fee, daily/monthly can rental, haul fee, and disposal fee. Flat rates for hauling and disposal are also popular with many contractors. Allgreen does NOT charge any fuel or environmental fees for industrial services. Typically we schedule all hauls and deliveries 24 hours in advance of order.
Self-Contained Compactor at Optim Health in Reidsville, GA
Stationary Compactor at Claxton Poultry
For larger industries with high daily volumes, AllGreen can also customize service to include self-contained or stationary compactors which can handle up to 8-10 tons per haul. AllGreen is the leader in this region for most large industries like Wal-Mart, Lowes, Claxton Poultry, Georgia State Prison, Viracon, Great Dane, Smith Correctional, Jenkins Correctional, Koyo, Briggs and Stratton, Optim Health Center and other area industries. AllGreen can custom build compactors and provide for the customer without the customer laying out any capital to purchase this type of equipment. AllGreen can also maintain this equipment for repairs and normal preventative maintenance. To inquire about industrial waste collection and disposal services, contact our sales representative Melissa Akins  by email at or by phone at (912) 852-5700.