Garbage Collection

Residential Collection

AllGreen provides residential accounts with new 95 gallon “carts” for customers to place their bagged household trash in. AllGreen provides once per week collection of these carts at the curbside. Most of our residential services are for entire communities through an exclusive service contract. However, we also provide subscription services to customers in Bulloch County.  Email for more information, or call Marcie Harden at 912-852-5700!

Commercial Collection

AllGreen can provide commercial waste collection service with various “dumpster” type containers in four (4), six (6) and eight (8) cubic yard size containers with lids. Frequency of service can be from one to six times per week Monday thru Saturday. Most commercial services are for permanent use through a contract but temporary short term services can also be provided.  Email for more information, or call Melissa Cowart at 912-852-5700!

Industrial Collection

Industrial waste collection can be provided with twenty (20), thirty (30) and forty (40) cubic yard open top dumpsters. These cans are typically for construction and demolition debris type removal. Self-contained and stationary compactors can also be provided for high volume industrial waste accounts. We can custom build any type of compactor set up to meet customer needs.  Email for more information, or call Melissa Cowart at 912-852-5700!

Special Waste

AllGreen can provide collection and disposal of certain types of nonhazardous “Special Waste” which could include asbestos, swarf type materials and sludge. Call our special waste sales representative, Melissa Cowart, at 912-852-5700 for these types of special waste services.

Recycling Services

AllGreen’s current recycling Services are very limited.  We can provide scrap metals recycling services with open top roll off containers or haul any materials of any kind with these containers to a location that will accept them.  We can also assist you with disposal of uncontaminated loads of concrete.

Currently AllGreen does not provide any local baling, sorting or processing of recyclable materials. However, we can assist customers with recycling needs of other vendors who may provide this service.