Attention Long County Residents

AllGreen Services will begin providing new residential waste collection services to Long County citizens beginning January 1st. Recently we have been delivering all new carts to customers in Long County. Please continue using your old Republic carts through the end of the month. Republic will service you through the end of December and then they will be removing their carts. Begin using the AllGreen carts in January. We will only dump AllGreen carts. If Republic has not removed their carts in January, please leave them by the roadside so their crews can remove their carts.

If you do not receive a new cart by December 21st, please call our office and let us know. We will be performing cart deliveries for missed customers until every customer has one. Delivering carts to everyone in a short period of time during the holidays is a huge project. Please be patient and we will get to you.

Each new cart that was delivered had an informational flyer attached telling you everything about the new service. Your day of collection may have changed from the day Republic was servicing you. Please have your cart out by 6 am the day of your collection. It is best to put it out the night before to insure you don’t get missed. Tightly bag all your household trash and place inside the cart. Make sure the white arrows on the top of the cart are facing the road. Keep your cart away from obstacles like mailboxes, fences, parked cars, light poles etc. Don’t leave the carts out all week. It should only be at the roadside on your collection day. Carts left out all week can be stolen, vandalized or blown over by high winds and truck traffic.

Each flyer was color coded per route day. If you are unsure of your route day, the color of the flyer will remind you.

  • Yellow: Monday
  • Orange: Tuesday
  • Green: Wednesday
  • Pink: Thursday
  • Blue: Friday